Schizo Fusion

Publié: 26/05/2012 dans Completed

 – puzzle game | 1 player | 3-month project | Wwise | iPad –

In search of answers, a hero penetrates into an abandoned laboratory which formerly was the seat of numerous cloning experiments.
Schizo Fusion is a puzzle game developped on iPad, where the player has to manipulate 1 then 2 characters with his/her fingers throughout the adventure. But be carefull : raise a finger will make you lose the game.
Just cross fingers to get away…

The game was made by a 6 person team in 3 months for the ENJMIN’s first-year projects.


Game Design : Simon TRUCCHI
Graphic Design : Xavier BOUFFAULT
Programming : Clément LENHOF
Ergonomics : Zacharia AGUEDACH
Project Management : Léo CAPOU
Sound Design : Raphaël BOUCHAUD


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