Self Control

Publié: 19/12/2012 dans Completed

SC - Cover

 – escape maze | 1 player | 6-month project | Wwise | PC/Xbox 360/PS3 –

Your experience starts with this voice… speaking from nowhere:
« Listen, I don’t really have time to explain again… Each room contains one of your most powerfull phobias and you’ll have to face them one by one. But be carefull: there’s always a consequence for an act… »

These walls, this room… Somehow everything seems to be familiar…
And finally you remember the psychiatrist’s appointment, his drugs, and the reason why you’re there.
« Damn it… Here I am again. »

Self Control was made by a 9-person team in 6 months for the ENJMIN’s last-year project.

SC - 1

SC - 3

SC - 4

During this project, I helped Pierre Mercy to improve his CryWwise, the first Wwise DLL-implementation into the Cry Engine 3.
(public documentations and download files here)

You can go further and download the game here :

Game Design : Charles LIEBENS, Aurélien LEFRANÇOIS
Graphic Design : Xavier BOUFFAULT, Alexandra CALAS
Programming : Pierre MERCY, Christian NASR
Ergonomics : Zacharia AGUEDACH
Project management : Léo CAPOU
Sound Design : Raphaël BOUCHAUD


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