Self Control

Publié: 19/12/2012 dans Completed

SC - Cover

 – escape maze | 1 player | 6-month project | Wwise | PC/Xbox 360/PS3 –

Your experience starts with this voice… speaking from nowhere:
« Listen, I don’t really have time to explain again… Each room contains one of your most powerfull phobias and you’ll have to face them one by one. But be carefull: there’s always a consequence for an act… »

These walls, this room… Somehow everything seems to be familiar…
And finally you remember the psychiatrist’s appointment, his drugs, and the reason why you’re there.
« Damn it… Here I am again. »

Self Control was made by a 9-person team in 6 months for the ENJMIN’s last-year project.

SC - 1

SC - 3

SC - 4

During this project, I helped Pierre Mercy to improve his CryWwise, the first Wwise DLL-implementation into the Cry Engine 3.
(public documentations and download files here)

You can go further and download the game here :

Game Design : Charles LIEBENS, Aurélien LEFRANÇOIS
Graphic Design : Xavier BOUFFAULT, Alexandra CALAS
Programming : Pierre MERCY, Christian NASR
Ergonomics : Zacharia AGUEDACH
Project management : Léo CAPOU
Sound Design : Raphaël BOUCHAUD


ENJMIN Reloaded

Publié: 19/12/2012 dans Completed

ENJMIN - Cover

– first person shooter | 1 player | 3-month project | Unity | PC –

ENJMIN Reloaded is a 3D FPS game in which the new ENJMIN building was integrated. The goal here is to improve the concept of interactive museum with a gaming component.

Game Design : Michaël BREYTON
Graphic Design : Émeline BIHAN-POUDEC, Mathieu TABORY
Programming : Rudy RAMILLIEN
Project management : Michaël BREYTON
Sound Design : Raphaël BOUCHAUD

Monster Island

Publié: 19/12/2012 dans Completed

Monster Island - Cover
– survival horror | 1 player | 2-year project | PC/PS3/XBOX Live/Wii U –

Play an adventurer beached on a zombie-infested island, explore dense environments and try to stay alive.
Monster Island is a survival horror mainly based on crafting weapons and hunting, englobed in a beat them’all component. Its main feature is a guidebook which teaches you how to survive and escape from these cursed islands.

The game was developped by Eko Software company, I was in a 2-month internship there.

During the production, the name of the game changed into How to Survive « Kovac’s rules ».

Game Design : Brice PONCET
Graphic Design : Damien BONNEFOUX
Programming : Florian BONNIN, Olivier LAVALLEY, Jean-Georges LEVIEUX
Sound Design : Raphaël BOUCHAUD

Assassin’s Creed : Hay & Honor

Publié: 26/05/2012 dans Completed

                                    – strategy | 2 players | 3-month project | Wwise | iPad –

Collaboration between 6 students and UbiSoft Montréal.
We were tasked with transforming Assassin’s Creed license into a turn-based multiplayer iPad game. We managed to produce a fully-working vertical slice in 3 months.


Game Design : Arthur PRUDENT
Graphic Design : Leevï GALITA
Programming : Alexandre PESTANA
Ergonomics : Jean-Luc POTTE
Project Management : Jean-Patrick GALLON
Sound Design : Raphaël BOUCHAUD

Schizo Fusion

Publié: 26/05/2012 dans Completed

 – puzzle game | 1 player | 3-month project | Wwise | iPad –

In search of answers, a hero penetrates into an abandoned laboratory which formerly was the seat of numerous cloning experiments.
Schizo Fusion is a puzzle game developped on iPad, where the player has to manipulate 1 then 2 characters with his/her fingers throughout the adventure. But be carefull : raise a finger will make you lose the game.
Just cross fingers to get away…

The game was made by a 6 person team in 3 months for the ENJMIN’s first-year projects.


Game Design : Simon TRUCCHI
Graphic Design : Xavier BOUFFAULT
Programming : Clément LENHOF
Ergonomics : Zacharia AGUEDACH
Project Management : Léo CAPOU
Sound Design : Raphaël BOUCHAUD

Projet Chester

Publié: 26/05/2012 dans Completed

                                – platformer/runner | 1 player | 5-month project | Unity | PC –

Game Design & Ergonomics : Mélanie GROSMANGIN
Graphic Design : Leevï GALITA, Simon STEFANELLI
Programming : David DURIOT, Adrien MARCHAND
Sound Design : Raphaël BOUCHAUD

Mutant Carrots Attack

Publié: 26/05/2012 dans Completed

– shoot’em up/tower defense | 1 player | 15-day project | XNA | PC –

Your neighbour got eaten by his own Genetically Modified carrots! Defend your little organic farm with your brave rabbits! Mutant Carrots Attack mixes shoot’em up and unit-placement, in order to modify your shots (ie: shooting a male rabbit on a female will get you 3 baby rabbits). It’s a scoring game where you face ever-growing waves of bloodthirsty carrots!!

The game was made by a 3 person team in 15 days during our spare-time for the Toulouse Game Show competition. The game had to be in the spirit with the show and so we decided to make an arcade game, allowing short sessions and competition via the score, all in an crazy spirit!

The game ended up as a finalist of the competition!


Game & Graphic Design : Rémi BOUTIN
Programming : Chris POINET
Sound Design : Raphaël BOUCHAUD